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PSVR2 is truly next-gen, and indie software will lead the charge



Shuhei Yoshida, the current indies bigwig at PlayStation but formerly head of first-party, was one of the biggest early evangelists. PSVR. This is the logic, then, the executive believes PSVR2 is “truly next generation” – but don’t just take his word for it, in fact that’s exactly what the entire media is saying.

However, Yoshida understands that the market for Sony’s new headset is relatively small compared to its consoles. “We’re very excited,” he said. “The virtual reality market is still small. It’s growing, thanks to the meta doing a great job promoting Quest, but it’s a subset compared to console gaming.

Yoshida explained that, because of this, while you’ll still see tentpole titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village release, it will be the indies that support the headset. Executive, talking to Sports Industry.Bizexplained that a similar trend has occurred with the original PSVR – and as a result, smaller studios have amassed significant knowledge and expertise in the medium.

He continued that, with Metaverse becoming a major talking point among investors, a lot of money is coming back to these experienced indie VR developers. And that’s all good news for PSVR2. “You’ll see great VR games coming out of re-energized indie VR developers,” confirms Yoshida.


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