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PSVR2 sales may actually be stronger than suggested



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At the beginning of the month, A Bloomberg Citing analysis by IDC’s Francisco Geronimo, the report suggests that PSVR2 A “slow” start was off and price cuts would be needed to avoid “total disaster”. This prompted much hand-wringing from enthusiasts, who pointed out the product’s many perceived “problems”, including its cost, choice of software, and lack of backwards compatibility.

More context suggests The headset may not be off to the same disappointing start As reported, however. Bloomberg estimates that PSVR2 sold between 270k and 300k units since launch by the end of March, which would actually make it. The fastest Selling wired headsets has never been released. In fact, took it PSVR Five months to reach 915,000 units, while PSVR2 may have managed a third in one.

Now the danger here is that sales can do Slow to a crawl – especially when it’s the only one available PS direct In many major areas. It is also worth noting that the 270k to 300k figure is an estimate, and has not been confirmed by the Japanese giant. We can learn more about PSVR2 real Establish a baseline during the company’s next earnings call.

Whether the headset is off to a slow or strong start, we still think the organization needs to show more of its hand and what kind of software we can expect for the device in the coming months. Our first hands-on with the Firewall Ultra painted a rosy picture of the future, but with Sony publishing projects in the peripheral’s pipeline, there needs to be more.


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