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PSVR2 sold 600,000 six weeks after launch, Sony confirmed



Sony has announced it today Business segment meeting that PSVR2 Six weeks after launch on February 22, 2023, sales amounted to just over 600,000. This means that purchases of Sony’s latest VR headset are eight percent higher than when the original PSVR device launched in the same release period. The data covers sales up to the beginning of April, so the headset will surpass the aforementioned figure as we approach June.

As part of its presentation, the company then highlights upcoming PSVR2 games such as Resident Evil 4, Beat Saber, Green Hell VR, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, and The Foglands.

Sony PSVR2

For the past few weeks, the jury has been out on whether or not the PSVR2 is selling well, with conflicting reports saying things are off to a “slow start,” while another one-day picture paints What we can say for sure now is that the Bloomberg report claiming that 270,000 units had been shipped by the end of March was clearly wrong. According to the graph above, Sony had already sold more than twice as much by that point.

Recently, PlayStation chief Jim Ryan said it was too early to accurately judge the headset’s popularity. “PSVR2 has only just launched, so it may be a bit early to judge its popularity, but we’re happy to see so many positive reactions from users and the media.” New PSVR2 titles are expected to be revealed later today PlayStation Showcase.

It’s worth noting that PSVR2 was only available to buy from Sony’s own PlayStation Direct website, with availability at other retailers just rolling out. How do you react to this latest news from Sony? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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