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PSVR2 will have over 30 games at launch



@Yozora146_ Sony’s own studios, Capcom, Bethesda etc. However when I say big developers it’s because every system needs big name system vendors to land, not because I think these will be the best games. Whether we like tentpole titles like Horizon or HL or not: Alyx will get more people to buy a PSVR2 than Moss 2 or Beat Saber. And we need those sales to get more developers on board, it’s a vicious cycle.

@get2sammyb I agree to a point, I don’t expect a TLOU3 exclusive but at the same time has PSVR really got good support after a few years? What were the really great tentpole games that came out in the last few years? It seemed too front load (2016-2018) to me and my concern is PSVR2 will be the same.

Maybe I’m wrong and missed a few bangers since I got back but I certainly didn’t hear people talking about them the way they did things like Astrobot, Beat Saber, Thumper, Moss, Skyrim, etc. C, all of which were launched in it. The first year or two.

With a new fast growing technology live VR I would expect to learn, iterate and improve in game design, yet many of the first games were considered the best, contrary to what I expected.

To be clear I’d love PSVR2 to be a huge success, I’m not sure there’s enough software coming out I want to play to justify a £600 outlay.


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