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Puma, Versace among the real-life brands in PS5’s need for speed unbound



If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, speed unbound is required cold – It’s hip, trendy, lit. You know, everything you are not! Anyway, despite the cel-shaded look of the title, there are going to be a lot of real-life brands inside. And we’re talking about proper fashionable labels here, such as Palace Skateboards, Versace, Puma, Namilia, Daniel Guizio, Alpha Industries, AWGE, Born X Raised, Brain Dead, Champion, Edwin, Fila, GCDS, Kharisjoy, MK Zokipu. , , and vans.

Yes, that’s a lot of capital letters.

To curate a curated collection of street wear, EA consulted Tony-Blaze Ibekwe, editor of UK culture magazine Wonderland: “Need for Speed ​​Unbound offered a real visual identity, where players could see themselves, and they The style of, in which the representation is made. game,” he said. “With these partnerships, we’re blurring the lines between IRL and digital content, and my main hope is that fans embrace the freedom to express themselves through clothing, and some of their ‘guts’ in real life.” Implement in-game options.”


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