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Railway Empire 2 got the green light for multiplayer co-op, picking up the PS4 version at launch



We love a good train game here at Push Square, and one of the highlights of the 2023 train aficionado calendar has to be Railway Empire 2, which is pulling into the station sometime in 2023. Publisher Calipo Media has revealed that more Rail followers can look forward to some new features whenever it arrives.

First, Railway Empire 2 is getting cooperative multiplayer for up to four players, a feature that players of the first Railway Empire have wanted for ages. Considering the work that can be put into a given map, terraforming the landscape, optimizing your routes, and making sure everything runs on time, a few extra helping hands can’t hurt.

Next, a PS4 version of the game will be available at launch. Previously announced only for PS5, this is a welcome addition, because while beautiful, Railway Empire was never very graphically demanding, and we can’t imagine that there will be a sequel.

Now, if we can see some more gameplay, we will sleep well at night. We’re officially running on fumes, meanwhile we only have the announcement trailer. Do you also love a good train game? Which one is your favorite? All riders to the comments section below.


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