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Random: Developers unite after getting the viral tech meme treatment



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Takes, both good and bad, are of course circulated on Twitter, and the field of video games is no exception. The good ones are often exalted, and the bad ones are usually mocked or simply ignored. Some are so spectacular, however, that they can unite an entire industry, resulting in a teachable moment we can all learn from.

In the wake of the spectacular leak of mid-90s development clips from Grand Theft Auto 6 (a situation that likely caught the eye of the FBI), one towers above the rest.

Its author (whose tweets are now protected) got the ball rolling after grandly announcing, “If you knew how a game is developed, you’d know that visuals are one of the first things done. .” This sentiment struck a chord, one that was quickly established and distilled into a simpler, but more concise form.

Naturally, this caught the eye of professional video game developers who disagreed, to put things mildly. Devs began sharing comparisons of their games, between the earliest iterations and concepts and the finished product, and we’ve highlighted several of them below. Fans and critics alike joined in, in a moment of healing and celebration not often seen in the usually secretive video game industry:

Screenshots of iconic games paint a similar picture, showing how far games have come from inception to full release. We often assume that growth cycle, and many, a lot of The iterations a concept goes through before it achieves its final form.

Others were more emphatic and direct in their response:

What do you think about this whole situation? Is this top-notch trolling, or something people really believe? Heat them up in the comments section below.


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