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Random: Fallout 4’s flashing lights and mini-nukes are a missing reference, not HP Lovecraft.



Fallout 4 is an RPG so packed with content that even Wasteland veterans are likely to get sidetracked by some of it. Other hidden cultural references, even after all these years. Case in point: developer Jonah Lobbe just confirmed that a cave with flashing lights and a mini-nuke is a lost reference, and definitely not a Lovecraftian rumble, thank you very much.

the comedian Dan Wilbur answered a Twitter question With regards to the most useless video game knowledge you have with the gems below.

This started a whole debate within the thread as to whether this was, in fact, a missing reference or to the HP Lovecraft novel, The Dunwich Horror. The cave in question is called the Dunwich Borers, and some decidedly creepy things go down there, which is very Lovecraftian, but obviously not a special part. Thankfully, Loeb, an animator and artist who worked at Bethesda Softworks during the development of both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, happened by and Cleaned things up.

What are some of your favorite in-game cultural references? Do you like it when games include this kind of thing? Keep both eyes peeled in the comments section below.


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