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Random: Gran Turismo movie director Neill Blomkamp is a Wipeout fan



The PlayStation is synonymous with two racing properties in particular: Gran Turismo and Wipeout. Of course, the former favors simulating real-life racing, while the latter is a full-on sci-fi speed-fest. They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but you can still enjoy both – as Neill Blomkamp demonstrates.

The District 9 The director has revealed that he is a WipEout fan ahead of the release of his big screen Gran Turismo adaptation later this year. Responding to a tweet from the official account for over jump — an indie project trying to capture the spirit of old-school rally titles — Blomkamp teases his admiration for the anti-gravity racer.

“@ Nielblomkamp should definitely do a Wipeout movie next! Imagine what the races would be like in a cyberpunk dystopian world!” Writes over jump. Blomkamp replies: “I love Wipeout”.

He forgot about the capital ‘E’ in WipEout, but we’re willing to overlook such a mistake because the man clearly has good taste.

And to be fair, a WipEout movie could be great – although the CG budget is likely to be astronomical.


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