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Random: Lars Tekken 8 rage art reminiscent of his time in Naruto Storm 2



Lars Tekken 8 Naruto
Image: Push square

Here’s a random tidbit for you: Lars’ new rage art in Tekken 8 — his super move, if you don’t know what a rage art is — It seems To be based on his final attack from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

And yes, before you ask, Lars C In the PS3 anime brawler. The infamous son of Heihachi Mishima is featured as a playable guest character, complete with his own moveset and unique outfit, designed by Naruto Author Masashi Kishimoto. He even has his own background lore in the game, so that he fits into the universe better.

It was a great crossover, with Lars getting the above outfit as an alternate outfit in Tekken 6.

Anyway, Lars seems to be channeling his experience as a deadly shinobi in Tekken 8, where his rage art is very similar to his Storm 2 finisher. But if anything, the Tekken 8 version improves on the technique, with Lars finally pulling a stylish pose.

Here is a quick comparison video from the YouTube channel Storm Master:

It’s a neat reference, and it gives us hope that Lars will return in the upcoming Naruto to Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Connections.

Have you ever played as Lars in Naruto Storm 2? Charge your electric fist in the comments section below.


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