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Random: Monster Energy thinks you might confuse its drinks with Monster Hunter



Image: Push square

Here’s something we didn’t realize was going on: Monster Energy is going after other brands that have the word “monster” in them. As it turns out, this has been going on for quite some time, with the beverage company threatening legal action against other products that don’t change their name. Recently, Monster Hunter has been hit with it, though nothing has come of it.

Perhaps the most famous example of this practice was against Ubisoft’s Immortal Phoenix Rising, which was forced to change its original name, Gods and Monsters. Other targets include the indie game Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals and even pokemon (aka Pocket Monsters). A new report out of Japan says that Monster Energy has also now gone after Monster Hunter.

The reason for all the fuss is that the company does not want its customers to confuse energy drinks with other brands and products. The Japan Patent Office categorically denies Monster’s complaints, saying there is “no risk of confusion as to the origin of the product”, so it’s not working at all.

Monster Hunter won’t need to change its name, then. Between Monster Hunter World and Rise , the franchise is now pretty much in and out of Japan, that would be a huge task. Better luck next time, Monster Energy.


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