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Random: NieR creator Yoko Taro loses nightmarish Emil mask, replacement is probably ghost



Image: Kotaku

Yoko Taro, the creator best known for the philosophical Android action game NieR: Automata, has lost his iconic Emil mask. If you live in the LA area and see a weird, smiling skeleton-like mask, maybe keep it? We’re sure he has many more.

As reported by Kotaku, the saga began when Taro took off the mask (which he usually wears to hide his face in public settings) the night before appearing on a panel at Anime Expo 2023 and from NieR represents a recurring character) was lost. His work KamiErabi Out for drinks with a Fuji TV producer at an LA bar, the two exchanged the apparently offensive title incorrectly during the course of the evening (never addressing why it came up with them in the first place). was not done, and is all the more remarkable for it).

Taro then accused the neutral (and possibly worse for wear) producer of making a substitution just hours before the panel was due to begin. Failing to find an original Emil mask to replace the lost awesomeness, they apparently did one better (Tarot wise, at least), offering something even more sinister. Taro describes the scenario:

“Leave it to LA to have this specialty store just for masks. And so we went into that store, and there was the biggest mask, like literally the biggest mask they had sitting on the shelves and there it was. 30 years.”

Apparently a gift to the store from the owner’s grandmother, Taro manages to convince the owner to part with the artifact. Taro, drawn to the item for unknown reasons and apparently unaware of its Irish meaning, said, “It’s got to be possessed or something. … It’s got to be cursed or possessed. Something’s happening to it.” is.”

Taro’s staff has suggested that it’s probably in everyone’s best interest for Taro to return the mask to where it came from, and we’d heartily agree. What did you think of Yoko Taro’s California Escape? Let us know in the comments section below.


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