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Random: Rapper Logic ‘canned’ his way into The Last of You Part II



Like most of the PlayStation faithful, we here are big fans of The Last of Us franchise, the iconic video games and the fantastic new TV series from HBO, which has exposed a whole new audience to Naughty Dog’s terrifying vision of the future. Another dedicated fan of the series is rapper Logic (who claims to have beaten the first game no fewer than 15 times) and revealed in a new video how he “related” his way into a role in The Last of Us Part II. Did, something we were vaguely aware of in 2019.

The video itself is quite an interesting watch; Logic claims that she coaxed her way into the role, but in reality, she used various connections within the voice acting community to get an introduction to Ashley Johnson, who, of course, portrays Ellie. From there, Logic received an invitation to Naughty Dog’s headquarters for a sneak peek at Uncharted 4, where he met Neil Druckmann, whom he describes as “the coolest guy ever.”

Logic told Druckmann that he would literally “play a trash can in your game, bro”, and from there, still in development, managed to land an audition parley for the part of Jesse, Dinah. has been The former lot.

Despite failing, Logic received a call from Naughty Dog years later and was offered the role of Bobby Hall, one of the Rattler antagonists featured during the game’s epilogue. He describes the experience of being on set and the sheer reality of playing a part in his favorite gaming franchise, which, admittedly, sounds totally awesome.

How far would you go to secure a role in your favorite game? Let us know in the comments section below.


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