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Random: Streamer Beats Two Alden Ring Plays Simultaneously, Complete With A Dance Pad



Alden ring streamer
Image: Mismica

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, someone goes and beats up two copies of Alden Ring. at the same time, playing simultaneously on a DualSense controller and a…dance pad. No, we’re not kidding.

Swedish twitch streamer Mismica The challenge has a history of getting runs, but this one probably takes the cake. Just to clarify: He played the PS5 version and the PC version of Eldon Ring simultaneously on the stream, making sure to match his progress in the entirety of both runs. If he was defeated by a boss in one version but not in the other, he still has to start the fight.

With a DualSense controller in her hands and a dance pad at her feet — while also looking at and keeping track of two separate screens, it should be noted — Mismika really went and did it. You can find archived full streams on it Twitch channelIf you are interested.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the entire challenge, however, is the Mismika fight that many consider to be the hardest boss in Alden Ring – it took 199 tries to beat, spread over three days of streaming. You can watch the recap video below.

It goes without saying that beating a game like Alden Ring can be a challenge in itself – but can you imagine beating it twice, at the same time? On a dance pad?! Submit your gamer badge in the comments section below.


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