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Random: The Horror Skyrim mod uses AI tool ChatGPT to give NPCs a mind of their own.



Skyrim has once again shown itself to be a fertile ground for experimentation, using modders AI tools chatgpt (that latest in tech bugaboos) to produce endless reams of dialogue and audio in some terrifying flashbacks at us. The not too distant future.

As reported by PC gamermodder Art from the machine Through dark science and unbridled ingenuity, the AI ​​vocalizer in the game managed to hack xVASynth (text-to-speech) and Whisper (speech-to-text). It allows NPCs to communicate after a fashion but showcases some pretty wild possibilities. Art From The Machine is currently working on implementing a basic memory system for NPCs, allowing them to refer back to previous interactions with the player.

Ulfberth War-Bear (the NPC in question) is able to respond when local shops close using the in-game clock. He is also able to describe a weapon, its current modifications, and its use: “It appears to be a well-crafted iron sword with a soul gem in it. Enemy.”

What’s your gut reaction to this glimpse of the AI-dominated future prophets and visionaries have been warning us about for decades? We recommend setting the parameters to “Pity” and “Probe” before creating a reply in the comment section below.


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