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Random: US Marines defeat AI robots with classic Metal Gear strategy



The Metal Gear Solid franchise has given us plenty of cool concepts over the decades, from fourth-wall-breaking boss encounters to nearly nude women who can breathe through their skin. But perhaps none is more iconic than the humble cardboard box, the ultimate tool of tactical espionage.

Apparently, this also has real-world military applications, at least if the enemy you’re going up against is an AI robot that hasn’t been programmed to recognize anything that doesn’t look human. . Case in point, some US Marines tried solid snakes and managed to outsmart their automated adversaries using true tactics.

has been relayed by KotakuShashank Joshi, the defense editor of The Economist, recently made a post Excerpt from a book about AI in the military on Twitter. In the book (says Four battlefields) author Paul Scherre shared a story in which a group of US Marines tried to outwit a robot, parking it in the middle of a traffic circle with a simple objective: sneak up on the machine without being detected.

Various methods were used. Some of the ships did cartwheels to throw off the AI’s detection algorithm, and another pretended to be a tree, holding branches in front of it as it approached the machine. The most epic idea of ​​all, of course, was the implementation of cardboard boxes. The two sailors shared a box, ever closer, and according to the book, “you could hear them laughing the whole time”.

Apparently, each managed to outwit the marine robots, which were programmed to recognize only a human outline walking or running, showing us real-life metal gear ray-like bipedal nuclear weapons. How far do we have to go until we get a tank? Sigh, one can dream, can’t one?

What do you think of the Marine’s ingenuity in this scenario? Have you ever managed a similar performance as a daredevil yourself? Head over to the comments section below.

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