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Random: YouTuber exposed as embargo-breaking video game insider



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Video game “insider” culture has exploded in recent years. With the industry becoming increasingly secretive, enthusiasts have turned their attention to rumormongers, who tease them with information about upcoming games. This presents a huge challenge for sites like ours: a lot of the intel is dubious at best, but with fans hanging on to every word from these accounts, we often have to get to the bottom of a lot of its inaccuracies. is needed Speculation

An account that recently emerged by the name of TheRealInsider has amassed a huge following after successfully leaking Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the latest game in Ubisoft’s stealth sandbox series. The French publisher was forced to come out and confirm the title earlier than it had previously planned Ubisoft Forward showcase, promising that more details will be revealed during the livestream. However, it turns out that the so-called “insider” was just a YouTuber breaking the ban.

Dan Allen Gaming, an Australian account with nearly 200k subscribers, was invited to preview the latest games from Ubisoft. However, instead of respecting the ban like his peers, he decided to leak the information on his alter-ego TheRealInsider’s account. she was exposed After forgetting to change the Twitter handle before replying to a follower, and things slowly unraveled from there. After initially denying the deed, More evidence emerged.

YouTuber has since a Traditional apology video, in which he owns everything. He admits that not all of his rumors were based on classified information; He posted about Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, for example, which he believed was – in his own words – “bullsh*t”. As far as why He did this despite already having a successful YouTube channel with good industry connections, saying he did it all for “dominance”.

It’s another sobering reminder of why internal culture is a problem. While we don’t expect that to stop fans from hanging on to the words of the next big social media account, we hardly expect it to give gamers pause before believing everything they read on Twitter. The reality is that many of these rumormongers are chasing the dopamine drip of social media fame.


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