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Release dates of new PS5 games in 2022



holy row Going to fully embrace the hipster non-serious vibe (instead of making a realistic boss) and sandbox destruction as much as I can 😁

Ragnarok God of War. Hyped but will probably leave it for a while since I only played God of War this year and it was still as good an experience as playing a new game early.

LotR: Gollum. Interesting, but want to see some good story trailers and gameplay first to see what kind of game it will be.

The legacy of Hogwarts. The combat seemed a bit washed out and boring. Might play it one day in a few years.

Spoken: Seems like a flop to me All over world based and boring looking combat. Enemies look tiresomely spongy, and I’ve yet to see any interesting monsters or designs or anything catch on. But I was initially hyped for a next gen (current gen now) game premise with someone being booted into an alternate world with powers and a talking wrist band or whatever haha. If the story is good I’ll get it at some point and simply paste it and melt my way into a garbage fight. Or (hopefully) be surprised that it’s better than it looks in development!

Plus maybe I’m hyped to play the PS5 version of my favorite games.

Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne remake 😁

And beyond that, the Wolverine and Star Wars Eclipse that I’m rightly hyped for make me shake like a kid on Christmas more than any other game coming early. Oh and I forgot about Jedi: Survivor 😁


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