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Requires 4K, 60fps unbound runs on PS5 with full crossplay



Need for Speed ​​Unbound, with its cool urban style, is looking like the best entry in EA’s arcade racing series for a while – and as the window closes on the December 2 release launch, details are getting better. That is, a special IGN The interview confirms that you can expect 4K, 60 frames-per-second rendering on the PS5 – but that’s not all.

Like most big games these days, the title will have full crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, meaning you can play with your friends regardless of format. And if you’re a single player guy, there’ll be a full offline campaign, with a narrative that sees you trying to recover a priceless car from an ultimate street race.

A unique element that the title will feature is a buy-in mechanic, which means you’ll be constantly gambling your in-game currency as you enter races, adding stakes to the outcome. There will be free updates post-launch, adding more content to complete, and a set of side-quests starring American rapper A$AP Rocky will see you try to control the fictional sandbox Lakeshore.

When you go online, you’ll be able to roam the open world with friends, and set up various events and activities on the fly. While the publisher has refrained from sharing anything specific, it sounds like there are aspirations for a live service, with developer Criterion hinting at the start of the lifecycle for the game.


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