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Resident Evil 4 PS5 in UK, PS4 sales leave Xbox for Los Gnados



Resident Evil 4 will undoubtedly be on many people’s GOTY lists (thanks to its pure nature) and is likely to be one of the best sellers, too, moving some 4 million units in just two weeks. Sales are also through the roof in the UK, mainly on the PlayStation, which also dominates on the hardware front there.

According to the latest UK market data from GSD and Gfk, ie As reported by, 65% of all Resident Evil 4 sales (both physical and digital) were on PlayStation platforms, with 20% on Xbox and 15% on PC in March. Given the complete state of the mod scene, this last one is surprising in itself.

Keep in mind that Resi 4 was released late in the month, on March 24th, and still managed to dethrone Hogwarts Legacy to take the number one spot. And while it didn’t manage to outsell the Resident Evil 2 remake or Resident Evil Village during the same time period, it did outsell the perennial black sheep of the family, Resident Evil 3 .

Does this onslaught of numbers surprise you? It shakes console warrior That sleeping inside, part of yourself only suppressed by years of therapy that you swore you’d never come out for the sake of friends and family? Remember that those are the only video games in the comments section below.


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