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Resident Evil Village’s extraordinary third-person mode is tantamount to making a new game



Resident Evil Village’s unusual new third-person mode looks like a brand new game – and it turns out that it took a fair amount of effort to make it. talked to IGN JapanProducer Maschika Kwata revealed that adding the oft-requested feature took a lot more work than just mixing in some colorful herbs.

When asked about the work involved with the new third-person perspective, he said, “It took as much effort as making a new game.” “Even the same game can be a very different experience when played in third-person.” Here’s what we saw from the most recent trailer: Yes, the locations and encounters are the same, but the new perspective completely changes the experience.

For Capcom, the biggest challenge was making sure Resident Evil Village compared favorably to the third-person installments that were originally designed with an over-the-shoulder perspective in mind. “We felt we had to make something as good or better than Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3,” he sighed. “Compared to previous games in the series, Resident Evil Village has a greater variety of player actions. You can guard, you can move while crouching, and you can check a lot of things. We’ve fully adjusted to ensure that those unique animations will look perfectly connected, and that they’ll be playable at a good tempo.

So far, the results look incredibly impressive – but we’re looking forward to getting our hands on DualSense and trying it out for ourselves.

In the same interview, Kawata also revealed that the Winters family storyline will end with the third-person expansion Shadows of Rose, but it seems that Capcom is sending Ethan and his daughter out in style. And look, if you prefer the first-person perspective, there is still PSVR2 To wait for the port.


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