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Return to PS1 Survival horror Tartarus Key, out for PS4 on May 31st



Developer Vertical Reach today announced its PS1-style survival horror game The Tartarus Key will be released for PS4 on May 31, 2023. A new trailer can be seen above, which should whet the appetite of fans of classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Told from a first-person perspective, you’ll play as Alex, whose monster has wound up in a castle full of intricate puzzles and traps.

The game’s story is said to be at the heart of the experience, with its brain teasers. A press release sets the scene: “The last thing Alex remembers is being alone in her apartment. Suddenly, she wakes up in a dark and haunted mansion, with a stranger’s voice on a walkie-talkie and cameras following her every move. Action is being chased. When Alex realizes she’s not the only one caught up in this nightmare, she sets out to discover who—or what—is lurking in the shadows…”


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