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Richard Schiff’s son convinced him to play Odin in God of Ragnarok



Image: Shutterstock

God of War Ragnarok is now in the hands of players, and sooner or later they will meet the All-Father himself. As we knew before the release, Odin shows his face in this epic sequel, and he is played by American actor Richard Schiff. Best known for his role as Toby Ziegler in The West WingCasting the actor in Ragnarok wasn’t easy — but his son played a big role in making it happen.

In an interview with sports reporter, director Eric Williams talks about the team’s struggle to find the right Odin, imagining that getting Richard Schiff was a pipe dream. “We didn’t think he would even call. He doesn’t care about video games,” Williams says, adding that the team finally decided to give him a call to see what would happen. “So Richard is in the car with his son, who’s a big fan of war, and he asks his son, ‘Do you know what this God of War is?’ And his son was like, ‘Just say yes. It doesn’t matter what it is, just say yes.’

Schiff’s son, Gus, then went and wrote a previous game synopsis for the actor, to give him some context for what he would be getting if he took the gig. When he again met with Williams at the Santa Monica studio, he agreed to play Odin.


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