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Rumor: Full Discord support, PS5 game streaming part of next big firmware update



A PS5 firmware update has arrived soon that some are already looking forward to the next one. As Sony patches out support for the upcoming PS5 DualSense Edge controller, Tom Henderson, a trusted writer Insider GamingAnother has said The PS5 firmware update is currently set for March 8, 2023 Full Discord support and the ability to stream PS5 games to PS5 will be included.

The latter feature will be made available PS Plus Premium members, allowing them to bypass large downloads to instantly play an original PS5 title via cloud streaming. Said to be in testing for months now, the feature will apparently be part of the public beta for the 7.00 firmware update, which is set to launch soon.

However, according to the report, testers will not be able to sample Discord support on PS5. Under lock and key for now, there’s little in the way of concrete details regarding what Discord will actually look like on PS5. Starting in January 2022, you’ve been able to link your PSN account to Discord and show what game you’re playing to your friends list. However, voice chat is still nowhere to be seen despite Sony investing in the company and buying a minority stake.

In fact, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One received voice calls six months ago, while the feature is still missing in action on PS5, PS4. If this report turns out to be true, however, it looks like PlayStation players will finally be able to access voice chat through Discord in the not too distant future.


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