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Rumor: Of course Disney wants to release a new Star Wars game every six months



Not at all happy with the new release Star Wars Every ten minutes a movie or TV show, Disney is reportedly trying to pump out a new one. Star Wars video game every six months. According to this Insider GamingSources say the entertainment juggernaut wants one AAA title and one smaller project to hit store shelves every year in rotation.

The article goes on to list them all Star Wars The games are currently in development, and it’s safe to say that Disney’s plans are already very much in motion. Eight titles have been confirmed, including Amy Hennig’s AAA adaptation, Quantic Dreams’ Star Wars Eclipse, The Knights of the Old Republic remake (which was recently delivered to a new studio), Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Fallen Order sequels included.

But the report says that these are not the only games announced Star Wars Project in the works. “Several others” are apparently in pre-development. The material machine is well and truly with the trucking.

It doesn’t seem like everything is going smoothly, though. The aforementioned Star Wars Eclipse is considered a “development nightmare,” and may not be ready for launch until 2026.

How do you feel about all this? Star Wars things? Tell us how much is too much in the comments section below.


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