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Rumor: Persona 3 remake could be revealed next month



A rumored remake of the PS2 classic Persona 3 will be announced next month, according to one of the original sources of the claims. Reset era user I am also a hero said that a special press conference in June would be “Evoc-itive”, referring to the Evoker, a gun in the JRPG that allows personas to be summoned.

Which livestream do you need to tune into for the live announcement? The Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, 11 June 2023. While it’s highly unlikely that the Persona 3 remake will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S, the claim suggests that Microsoft has the marketing rights after recently revealing the Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden console ports. There was a 48-hour embargo on confirming PS4 versions, so if that happens again this year, we suggest waiting for more information.

While the original speculation surrounding a Persona 3 remake could have been made as news from a gaming forum, the claims became much more valid when footage of Persona 3 running at a higher resolution with gameplay tweaks surfaced online. Gematsu then backed up the rumors: “Although we cannot confirm the footage, Gematsu understands that a Persona 3 remake has been in development at Atlus for several years.”

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