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Rumor: Persona 3 Remake gameplay ‘leak’ is going viral



is consideredA very much A short gameplay clip from the rumored Persona 3 remake has surfaced online, and it’s now gaining some noticeable traction in the likes of it. Reddit, TwitterAnd YouTube.

The alleged footage shows party member Yukari summoning her personality before leaving with a flurry of magical arrows. While the video itself is low quality, the actual footage looks like this can do Be legal — at least legal enough to cause all kinds of debate online.

This is a tough one, because as we all know, fans are capable of creating some seriously impressive animation these days. But as things stand, we won’t put much stock in it, especially since there isn’t one original The Persona 3 remake proves to be an original project up to this point. It is entirely possible that this animation was ‘leaked’ to feed all the speculation.

The funny thing is, if this video gets taken down — especially on sites like YouTube — it’s probably the best evidence of a Persona 3 remake we have to date. We will keep an eye on things.

Have you seen the ‘leak’ for yourself? What do you make of it? Did you want a Persona 3 remake in the first place? Raise those quests in the comments section below.


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