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Rumor: Sci-Fi RPG from Sony has reportedly been leaked



(We can’t post the leak here, so you’ll have to make do with some Mass Effect Andromeda art.)

It’s not often you get a fun rumor like this on a Sunday, but here we are. A very short video clip of the leaked Sony-involved project has surfaced IconEra. The in-game footage is only a few seconds long, and shows a man with a rifle looking out over an alien landscape as some kind of giant creature hovers over a giant structure in the distance.

Honestly, it’s hard to determine much from this video alone. Assuming that it is real, we can definitely say that it is soon in development, and that it appears to be a third-person shooter. We believe the immediate comparison is Mass Effect, or similar games Gears of War.

However, the leaker contains some details. It’s described as a “sci-fi RPG”, and is apparently being developed using Unreal Engine 5. And yes, it’s reportedly a new IP from Sony, with the company’s XDev team involved either as the primary developer, or as a support studio. If you need a reminder, XDev is a British PlayStation studio that has helped out with many high profile titles over the years. As such, it is accepted XDev is also paired with another developer for this.

Again, if this footage is to be trusted, it’s still very early days for the project, and it will likely be a long time before we get any concrete information. But what do you make of it? Would you pick up a new sci-fi title from Sony? Get your hopes up in the comments section below.


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