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Rumor: The PS Showcase could be about two weeks away



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Update: Without an official confirmation from Sony, the speculation continues, unabated. Jeff Grubb of Giant BombWhich is beating May PS Showcase Drums, for quite a few months, have nailed the “week of May 25” window for the anticipated event. He added: “That time on PS Showcase has been perfect so far.”

He continued: “I said ‘the week of May 25’ because that’s probably the latest week that this could happen. But it can happen earlier. I don’t want to just say the week of May 21st and people get mad when it’s not Sunday.

Apparently Grub has some sort of source confirming this window, but as we mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely that Sony will pin down a date until then. very much Closer to the time.

Original article: Sprinkle some more fuel on the flame PS Showcase log fire After this weekend’s social media speculation – which suggested Sony had signed up for a trio of Konami classics – timed exclusivity – VGC editor Andy Robinson has attached his name to the rapidly growing rumors, claiming that he’s heard that a livestream is taking place “in late May/early June, usually involving Konami content”.

That’s been the line we’ve been hearing for one long Now is the time, although the Japanese giant has not yet confirmed anything. Remember, while it hosted a series Status of plays In 2022, it dropped its annual tentpole “E3-style” press conference altogether, and as a result some of the currently announced first-party projects have disappeared. We know Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected in September, but a few years ago. Its nature remains a mystery even after its first trailer.


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