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Rumor: The PS5 Pro is actually targeting a 2024 release date



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Rumors of a PS5 Pro won’t go away, as such Insider Gaming is once again reporting that the mid-generation is targeting a 2024 launch date. Back in March, reliable publications said that Sony has plans for a Pro console, which is in development. Insider Gaming is now saying that the supposed PS5 Pro is “targeting for a holiday 2024 release.”

To leave another mention of a pro system for the same site, it must be quite confident in its resources. Of course, we won’t know for sure if this thing exists until it’s actually announced, but it looks like these rumors aren’t going anywhere.

So when will do This PS5 Pro will be revealed? Well, late 2024 is still a long time away – at least in terms of marketing cycles. Sony is Admittedly to host a big show in the next few months, but we imagine it’ll be too soon for a full hardware announcement. We’ll likely be looking at confirmation in early-to-mid 2024, with a run-up of about five or six months to launch — unless Sony sees fit to give us a cheeky teaser first.

But how do you feel about a potential PS5 Pro? A poll we ran last month was completely split on a new console – but have you changed your mind since then? Call a super secret Sony in the comments section below.


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