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Sackboy: A Big Adventure has proven to be very unpopular on PC



After the PC port of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection set the record for the lowest number of players of any Sony game at launch, Sackboy: A Big Adventure has come in and beaten it by an alarming margin. During its first weekend on sale, the highest number of players it had at any given time was only 610. Compare that to the 10,851 peaks recorded by the Nathan Drake remasters and it’s immediately clear how unpopular Sackboy has proven to be on PC.

Of course, player numbers don’t necessarily translate into hard sales, however SteamDB Sackboy: A Big Adventure is tagged as the 121st best-selling game on the platform. Notable older ports like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have recorded thousands more active users in the past 24 hours and appear high on Steam’s best-selling charts.

As of 31 October 2022, Sony’s PC ports have recorded the following highest concurrent player counts:

  1. God of War – 73,529 (10 months ago)
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – 66,436 (three months ago)
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn – 56,557 (two years ago)
  4. Days gone – 27,450 (two years ago)
  5. Unwanted: Legacy of Thieves’ Collection – 10,851 (eight days ago)
  6. Sackboy: A Big Adventure – 610 (15 hours ago)

Unless games get a big price cut — or experience a sudden surge in popularity Cyberpunk 2077 – Then this record number of concurrent players usually does not exceed the opening week. As such, it’s a sorry sight for Sackboy: A Big Adventure. A lack of marketing for Sony’s most recent PC ports has been suggested as one reason for the general indifference, with both Unwanted and Sackboy long rumored but never officially announced.

A PC port or return With a video of its settings menu uploaded to the internet, but confirmed. It should at least prove more popular than Sackboy when it finally arrives, but it looks like Sony’s PC ports aren’t setting up the Steam charts anymore. what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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