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Samurai Shodown’s Netcode Update Skips Spring, Now Set for Late Summer



Just in case you forgot (because we certainly did), Samurai Showdown was meant to get a major update this spring. The said update will implement rollback netcode, supposedly fixing some of the game’s poor performance when battling online against other players.

SNK’s samurai slasher is really good fun, but its lasting popularity was crippled by the aforementioned netcode, which, even today, has a tendency to be incredibly spotty. However, in a surprising twist, the developer announced that it will bring a rollback to the title four years After its release, in an attempt to revive the game.

Unfortunately, the wait continues. SNK has confirmed that the update has been delayed until “late summer” – but at least it’s still happening! The company reiterates that it is “fully committed” to the long-awaited update.

Are you looking forward to the rollback patch of Samurai Shodown? Will you be tempted to return to the game when the update finally drops? Sheath your swords for now in the comments section below.


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