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Scalped PS5 prices drop as retail stocks rise



It’s starting to look like the dry days of the great PS5 drought may finally be behind us; Sony will surely tell you that they are. Consoles can now be found in the wild; That much is true, and the impact is being felt. Markets react to economic factors, such as, ultimately, a rise in retail stocks after an extended period of shortages. Someone had to come up short when the music stopped, and hardware scalpers have found themselves with too many PS5s and not enough chairs.

Scalpers have been an ever-present issue around the world since the PS5 launched, one that has frustrated and deeply annoyed Sony boss Jim Ryan. In the interest of journalistic fairness, it should be noted that some scalpers do not appreciate all the negativity, and believe that their methods are justified. High-minded free market philosophy And the inexorable laws of supply and demand, with the whole situation being worsened by Covid.

But as the world moves on, scalpers have been left holding the bag, forced to slash prices on their junk goods. Where at one point, the sheer stupidity of Sony’s then-new console (One particularly stupid Austrian reportedly dropped 50k dollars for one.), now they’re being picked up from stores for less. It should go without saying, but wherever possible, always buy hardware from authorized retailers, if only for the peace of mind offered by a receipt.

Is this the story you need today, or should we open our minds to more enlightened ways of economic thought? Dump your stock in the comments section below.


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