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Sea RPG Sailing Era docks on PS5, PS4 this week to loot Skull and Bones treasure



The Sailing Age is described as a “hyper-realistic seafaring and commercial enterprise,” which immediately puts a little extra pep in our step. Set during the Age of Exploration (but with ships designed by quirky anime types), players can embark on a seafaring RPG experience, and it’s out today on PS5 and PS4. It was released in January steamwhere it enjoys mostly positive reviews.

Last we heard, the skull and bones were frozen in time inside the Bermuda Triangle, with a release date on the horizon. So in its place, the Sailing Era actually looks pretty solid. Considering Koei’s stone-cold SNES Classic, we Unwanted Water: New HorizonsSailing Age reportedly takes place on a “real-world scale map, and the highly detailed recreation of sea, land, monsoon currents, and weather changes creates a vast maritime world. Face sudden changes in weather, unpredictable winds, sunken treasure, pirate attacks, and alluring dangers and dangers of any kind.”

With over 200 unique ports, a dynamic economy featuring price fluctuations, and a cast of colorful characters, it may fit the bill for those looking to get their pirate fix (although the term Private preferred in polite company). What do you think about the sailing age? Throw in the great anonymous of the comments section below.


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