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See how Persona: 5 Royal on PS5 compares in the latest Digital Foundry tech test



The recently released PS5 version of Persona 5: Royale has long been in the jungle for tech wizards. Digital Foundry To work their magic, comparing outstanding JRPGs on every platform the game is playable on.

Persona 5 has seen several iterations since its release in 2016. Originally designed as a PS3 game, with repeated delays the game was reworked to run on the PS4. An expanded re-release known as Persona 5: Royal was released in 2019, containing additional and expanded content. The original PS5 version comes with the usual current-gen improvements we’ve come to expect, including 4K visuals, the desirable 60fps and DualSense controller support.

But there is more to it than that. Taking advantage of the extra horsepower provided by the PS5, Persona 5: Royal adds new artwork, high-resolution assets, increased depth of field, and improvements to the game’s lighting and colors, to an already visually impressive title. Full of making a real stunner, despite its PS3 origins.

Have you double-dipped on the PS5 release of Persona 5: Royal? Do you notice a visual difference, or is it only noticeable in a side-by-side comparison, like the one above? Take your time in the comments section below.


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