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SEGA TGS gives an overview of Sonic Frontiers gameplay in the livestream



SEGA held its own live presentation today as part of the Tokyo Game Show, and among other things, the publisher showed off a bit more Sonic Frontiers. Releasing on November 8th, the game is almost here, so fans will appreciate another preview before the Open Zone platformer arrives.

After showing the latest trailer once again, SEGA presents some live gameplay. We get to see how solving simple puzzles will reveal parts of the map and unlock new routes, encouraging you to explore and find these quick puzzles. Larger enemies will await you, and these battles essentially make you figure out how to get on top of the beast before dishing out some damage. You can leave it and go somewhere else if you want, which is great.

We also see a cyberspace level based on the Chemical Plant Zone, which provides a burst of much more intense gameplay, similar to previous titles. Completing these stages and their objectives will earn you special keys that are needed to unlock Chaos, which are a big part of the progression this time around.

It doesn’t look too bad, honestly. We got our hands on it at Gamescom and were cautiously optimistic, but how are you feeling about Sonic Frontiers? Let us know in the comments section below.


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