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Several voice actors discuss being Kratos in Ragnarok Dev Diary’s God of War



Fair warning: The video above shows some footage from God of War Ragnarok that may be considered spoilers. That said, it’s worth a watch if you’re a fan of the series. This is the latest Dev Diary about the game, this time featuring Kratos himself.

Christopher Judge, who provides performance capture and English voice work, talks about the role with a clear passion. He discusses how much the character has evolved, and how he is able to draw from his parents’ experiences to portray the Spartan. We also hear from some Santa Monica studio staff and the stunt actor for Kratos, who brings the physicality of his fighting style.

What’s best about the video, though, is that we get to see some of the other voice actors who play Kratos in other languages. Ricardo Juarez, Hesham Al Shazali, and Kenta Miyake voiced the character in Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, and Japanese, respectively. We don’t often get to hear from actors playing the same role in different fields, so it’s quite refreshing to get their perspective on the character.


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