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Silent Hill 2 remake pitch image leaked, may be a timed PlayStation exclusive



Screenshots claiming to be from an internal pitch demo of the rumored Silent Hill 2 remake have leaked, showing protagonist James Sunderland from a camera perspective reminiscent of Resident Evil 2 and the classic Nurse enemy. Three images can be seen below.

While very opaque, prominent liqueur Dusk Golem said “These are from Blubber’s internal pitch demo [Team] Before getting the greenlight, so it’s not really a no-budget proof of concept thing. It’s not really like the final game.” Website VGC States’ own sources can then verify these claims. Additionally, it says that the remake will be a timed PlayStation exclusive alongside the PC release.

Rumors of multiple Silent Hill projects in the works have been swirling for years, with some stretching back to Sony’s first PS5 showcase in June 2020. Since then, claims have come and gone but bubbles remain beneath the surface. Recently, it has been suggested that the reveal of at least one Silent Hill games in production may not be far off.

Konami plans to announce a new game from the “world-famous series” at TGS later this month, but VGC has said it’s unlikely to be a Silent Hill title. So, if the rumor is true then there might be a separate event to announce the game.

They can be hard to make out, what do you think of these new Silent Hill 2 Remake screenshots? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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