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Silent Hill: Ascension streams online later this year, fan-favorite



Konami has already announced a few Silent Hill games, but one of the new projects you might have forgotten about from last year’s showcase. Silent Hill: Ascension, a one-of-a-kind interactive TV series influenced by fans. You’ll be able to watch the show online and help decide the fate of its main characters — get a first look in the trailer above.

A new one sports reporter There’s more in the article: “Silent Hill: Ascension features a collection of new characters, monsters, and locations within the Silent Hill universe. Genvid [the developer] has created a real-time interactive system that allows viewers around the world to decide the fate of these characters in the narrative created by the studio. Something you’ll come back to often, it’s called “every day”. Silent Hill: Ascension It will vary depending on what the community decides. It is not yet clear whether you will be able to follow the show on PS5, PS4 or not.

More details will be shared soon. Additionally, Konami has a Silent Hill 2 remake in the works with Blubber Team, a new Silent Hill F project, and Silent Hill: Townfall developer No Code. Apparently, we will soon see the remake and spin-off with more trailers set to arrive soon. Will you watch and follow along with it? Silent Hill: Ascension? Keep the characters alive in the comments below.


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