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Site News: Push Square Community’s Screenshot of the Year Contest Begins



Image: Push square

We are starting to think about ourselves game of the year Coverage here push square, but our lovely community already has something you can contribute to and potentially win: the annual Screenshot of the Year contest. Organized by regular readers roger rogerThis is your chance to share the best screenshots you’ve taken throughout the year on any console and platform — it’s not limited to PS5 and PS4!

Applications are now being taken at Push square forum, where you can submit four captures in three different categories. The last date of entry is Saturday, 10 December 2022 on the 7pm GMT. The categories are as follows:

PS Community Competition 2

It’s a versatile replacement for the previous Action category that can cover any shot of any subject, as long as there’s a dynamic feel to what’s in the frame. Caught a character looking over your shoulder at a cool angle? Managed to capture a bolt of lightning in a storm? This type of shot can also be considered with a group of fights, chases and explosions, as long as they are dynamic.

PS Community Contest 3

Many of you enjoy getting a little abstract with objects or environments as well as character models, and it’s about time we had a dedicated category for such shots. Again, this covers several pre-existing categories; We can see here a monochrome landscape, or a very close-up of a particular hero, so don’t worry about needing a degree in fine art to enter something in this category! It’s all art!

PS Community Contest 4

Probably the most popular request today because hey, we could all use a good laugh this winter, right? Whether you’ve spent hours fiddling with Photo Mode’s default character poses and facial expressions, or whether you’ve captured an unfortunate looking bug, or maybe even messed up some ragdoll physics, Share it with us in this category and we’ll put something fun forward for consideration.

Have you captured a screenshot that you think could compete in any of these three categories? Feel free to submit it in Push square forum And you could be a winner! As always, thanks to our community for putting together such a good thing and being so actively involved. We will highlight all winners here on the main site when they are announced. So, without further ado, good luck everyone!


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