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push square The biggest and best PlayStation website in the world (in our opinion), bringing you informative and entertaining content every day. In addition to breaking down all the latest PS5 news, we’re also here to help inform your next video game purchase in our insightful reviews, and to bring you closer to the wider PlayStation community, including the fascinating culture that surrounds it. yes

Until now, our business has depended on advertising revenue to operate. But in recent years, many of you have asked for an alternative way to support us, including a subscription fee that would allow you to view our content without ads. As such, we are proud to introduce a new, fully optional paid tier that not only extends to the Push category, but all Hookshot Media Websites – which means you will Also Be able to browse Nintendo life, Pure XboxAnd Time extension Completely ad-free, for the price of a coffee.

  • Faster Ad-free Browsing
  • Supporter badge (optional)
  • Pay monthly or annually (Save money with an annuity)
  • Suggest what you like (Alternatively pay more than the minimum)
  • all Hookshot sites included (Push Square, Nintendo Life, Pure Xbox And time extension)

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We don’t believe in isolating our audience, so we don’t have a plan for a paywall anyone of our content behind our supporting subscription. Instead, we’ll look to add future benefits in other ways, such as a discount on any future business offers – we’d love to hear what other incentives you’d like to add.

One is perfect Frequently asked questions section On our supporters page where we are tried To answer everything you want to know. However, if you have any other questions or feedback, please ask in the comments below – and we’ll update the FAQ as well.

Simply put, our supporting subscription is about offering a realistic option for those who don’t want to see ads. Whether you choose to subscribe this way or continue reading the site for free with ads, we thank you for your continued support in reading Push Square.


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