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Look, we know Brazil and Portugal are playing in the World Cup today, and you’re still Thanksgiving anxious, but we need you! Sorry, we don’t need your choice thatBut we do You need our fill Reader survey. It comes courtesy of our business owners at Reed Pop, and will explore your video game preferences. Why are we doing this? Well, it will help us to know more about it youWhich in turn will enable us to deliver ads relevant to your interests.

Yes, we know you hate internet ads, but we have to keep the lights on and we think we do a good job of providing a quality website free from annoying autoplay pop-ups and overlays. is free We can also provide advertising, if related For your sake, then we’re winning, aren’t we? Finally, the questionnaire should take you no more than five to ten minutes to complete. Also, more of you who read pop inform what you read push square, we will be treated better at the annual Christmas party. We’re really hoping we’re offered a minus pie this year.

You can complete the survey below:

As a token of our dismay, we’re giving away custard cream* to all readers who complete the survey. Thank you very much for your time!

* Custard creams are subject to availability – and Sammy has already eaten the whole pack!


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