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Soapbox: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 should adapt this fantastic story



Image: Marvel Comics

Anticipation and hype for Insomniac’s superhero sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, is slowly but surely building in a big way. The game is expected to have a large presence on Wednesday. PlayStation Showcase Which may offer the best look yet at both plot and gameplay. Especially considering the September release date.

Spider-Man 2 is set to feature Spidey’s deadliest adversary, Venom, and will adapt the classic ‘Black Suit’ storyline. An exciting prospect for any lifelong fan. But I think we are missing something. Spider-Man 2’s secondary antagonist comes with an equally important storyline in Spidey’s lore. A story that rocked the world of Spider-Man and left a brutal impression on Peter Parker. To understand the story we have to understand the villain of the piece. We have to understand Kraven.

Big game hunter

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation Craven's Last Victim 2

In introduced Kraven the Hunter Amazing Spider-Man #15 Back in 1964 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. In his first appearance, the character is depicted as an egomaniac who is obsessed with the idea of ​​overcoming “the most dangerous sport” Spider-Man has ever seen.

He quickly established himself as a key player in Spidey’s vast and varied ranks of rogues, considered one of the few villains who could push the wallcrawler to his physical limits. The villain’s obsession with defeating or capturing Spider-Man is one that has been depicted in animation, alternate comics universes, and other media in games.

Kraven was a recurring side villain in the Spider-Man movie games based on Sam Raimi’s trilogy. He got a slightly more substantial role in Beanox’s tie-in to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 where he is featured as Ra’s Al Ghul-like mentor to Peter Parker.

While Kraven is highly rated against other villains in the fandom, the same old dynamic began to wear thin. The character needed real depth. He was introduced in the late 80s when the creative duo of JM DeMatteis and Mike Zeck delivered a story that not only serves as the character’s legacy, but is considered one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all time.

The last victim

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation Craven's Last Victim 3
Image: Marvel Comics

Kraven’s last victim Begins with an unusually dark and spooky night in New York. The hunter sits alone, secluded in his vast mansion surrounded by the chief mounts of the game he has conquered over the years. The once proud hunter is a husk of his former self after defeat after defeat at the hands of Spider-Man. In his madness and grief, he hatches one final dark plot to claim victory over the webslinger.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker is having a rough time. He is devastated by the loss of his close friend and colleague, Ned Leeds. After another tragic loss, Peter continues to reflect on the consequences of being Spider-Man. As he wanders into the night he is attacked with renewed fervor and fury by an enraged Kraven.

Peter Parker was shot and killed.

After being cremated, Kraven claims the Spider-suit and attempts to become a more efficient and ruthless Spider-Man. The Predator violently attacks criminals on the streets of New York and attracts media attention through his ruthless tactics.

I lied along the way. Peter is not really dead.

Instead, he is buried alive while being kept in a coma-like state for two weeks. During this time the reader gets a really deep dive into the psyche of Peter Parker. In his mind, he finally found the place of complete peace he had been searching for. He is free from responsibility. Of course, it only lasts so long. As he is met with visions and ghosts from the past, Peter begins to constantly fight his demons and crawl his way to the surface, resulting in this panel.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation Craven's Last Victim 4
Image: Marvel Comics

I won’t spoil the ending Kraven’s last victim As such it’s absolutely worth reading, but this famous story may actually have an impact on how the plot of Spider-Man 2 plays out.

A possible effect

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation Craven's Last Victim 5

It’s hard to say at this stage if Insomniac has any plans to include this story but I can’t help but feel it would lose a beat if it was ignored. It has been shown to like villains with real depth as seen with Doc Ock, Mr. Negative, and the Tinkerer.

A scene that sees Kraven relentlessly hunting down Spider-Man in his final days to restore his honor before his time is up could add some much-needed depth to the character and make him a genuine threat. can be established as Story arcs can also affect gameplay. Being out of commission after Peter is buried alive will allow Miles his time to shine in the narrative as he must once again protect New York alone in Peter’s absence.

Insomniac is also known for paying good homage to some of Spidey’s most iconic moments in film and comics. Kraven’s last victim Not only is it a feature of the most influential fantasy in the character’s 60-year history, but could also allow the studio to lean into more psychological aspects of storytelling that they toyed with in the first game.

This story could also play out with the plans for the black suit. It is not known how, or even if, Peter would come into contact with the symbiote, but there is a way to do so. Peter is relegated to the grave in his classic red and blue colors, as he lies in a coma-induced state, he wrestles with his demons as he is slowly corrupted by the symbiote. He rose from the grave in a black suit. What a moment that would be!

One thing’s for sure, Insomniac has a lot of lore to dive into and the Spider-Man 2 story is almost certain to be big, grand, and high-stakes. I just hope one of Spidey’s most powerful rogues gets his time to shine.

Would like to see inspiration from Kraven’s last victim What exactly is included in the plot of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? What are you expecting from the Insomniac sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.


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