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Soapbox: PSVR2 already feels like it’s on course for failure



Sony’s news of only 270,000 shifts doesn’t matter PSVR2 Whether or not the headsets hold true beyond the February 2023 launch, it seems safe to say that the platform’s future isn’t exactly guaranteed. While current owners are enjoying a long list of launch titles and a handful of games released from February 22, 2023, the message from Sony is limited. In addition to some new games announced during the A State of play The showcase — all of which comes from a third-party — is really little to get excited about. What should early adopters look forward to? Is Sony itself going to support the platform beyond Horizon Call of the Mountain? Is this thing going to be a bomb?

These may seem like tough questions to ask only a month after the hardware launch, but they already feel quite valid. There is an incredibly stark difference when you compare the PS5’s release leadup to its more expensive peripheral the PSVR2. Before the launch, we knew that titles from Sony’s first-party studios like Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales would be ready for day one, while Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal were waiting in the wings. were doing You had software to run immediately, and more to look forward to in the future.

You can’t say the same for PSVR2. Yes, some titles like C-Smash VRS and Firewall Ultra are coming, but are these games going to make anyone drop £530 on a headset if they’re not convinced by the launch lineup? Not at all; They are not selling systems. PSVR2 needs it right now, and if Sony isn’t willing to give the platform the limelight in a significant way PlayStation Showcase Why would it do this later, before releasing it? You only have to make a first impression once, and it feels like the hardware manufacturer messed up the PSVR2 big time.

PSVR2 already feels like it's on course for failure 2

After making a fairly decent splash on the release day, the buzz around the headset has fallen off a cliff. While we continue to support the platform with daily coverage and reviews, it’s impossible to ignore that the headset is no longer the talk of the town. Busy people are looking for the next big PSVR2 game to play while the mainstream – the ones Sony actually wants to buy harmless – has moved on. They are not scouting out The best PSVR2 games. They are not Googling offers to try and find a slightly cheaper headset. The world seems to have already moved on.

Can Sony turn things around? I think it has a mighty struggle on its hands. Even the most hardcore fans of the PSVR2 may notice a drought in upcoming content — Sony doesn’t have a single PlayStation Studio game announced for the device, and it’s supported at launch with just one spin-off title. Software is the main attraction, and PSVR2 needs its system vendors. Right now, they are nowhere to be seen.

Another issue facing Sony is marketing. PSVR2 was never going to sell gangbusters out of the gate, but it never felt like the platform holder really tried to get the word out. Visibility during the livestream was limited, with new announcements mostly included in the PlayStation Blog. This is where you’ll get the eyeballs of the enthusiasts — people like us — but you need the mainstream on board to make a £530 product a success. Has anyone seen PSVR2 on billboards? TV ads? Clip rolls before YouTube videos and Twitch channels? Hell, the PS Store PSVR2 has been marketed on PS5 for about a day, and now it’s already a roller accessed only if you scroll down.

PSVR2 already feels like it's on course for failure 3

I want PSVR2 to succeed, but I think the device is already a few steps down the road to failure. If PlayStation Studios has new PSVR2 titles in the works, what’s to say Sony looks at its early sales data and quietly cancels those projects? Why should Insomniac develop Marvel’s Spider-Man spin-off for an audience of 270,000 when it could spend that time perfecting Marvel’s Wolverine? Why would Firesprite Games make their horror game exclusive to PSVR2 when it would get huge sales as a standard PS5 game?

It’s not supply-limited like the PS5 has been in years past; There doesn’t seem to be enough interest in PSVR2 to justify these big projects. I hope Sony doesn’t go down this road — it’s best when developing unique experiences — but right now the future doesn’t look bright for PSVR2. From a business perspective, this screams “pull back” rather than “go all in” to me. The hardware is great, but if no one is buying it, why would anyone support it?

Do you agree with Liam’s views or are you more optimistic about the future of PSVR2? Cast a vote in our poll and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.


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