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Sony has about $5 billion left over for acquisitions and investments



Image: Push square

In 2021, Sony revealed that it had earmarked nearly ¥2 trillion (~$18 billion) for strategic investments across the company, which spanned the acquisitions of developers such as Housemark and Bungie, as well as anime streaming service Crunchyroll. . The money was intended to last until 2024, and during that time A Morgan Stanley Web Conference Earlier this week, it confirmed it has about ¥700 billion (~$5 billion) left.

It’s important to underline that this figure extends not just to the PlayStation division, but to the entire Japanese organization. But, to be fair, Sony Interactive Entertainment is putting the money to good use, both acquiring long-term partners and investing in developers like Epic Games and FromSoftware. With Microsoft desperately trying to convince regulators to allow Activision to spend $69 billion on Blizzard, however, it sheds light on the difference in net spending power between the two.

It should be noted that this money won’t completely empty Sony’s piggy-bank: we’d assume, once 2024 rolls around, another sum will be released for more strategic investments. But, with the kind of numbers being discussed here, we’ll probably put those Square Enix and Capcom acquisition fanfictions on ice — at least, for now, anyway.


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