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Sony posted the tone-deaf Bloodborne tweet, chaos ensued



Update: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony has removed the Bloodborne tweet. However, we took a screenshot before taking it down. You can find it in the original article below.

Original story: Sony, what are you doing? Why would you? ever Make a weird tweet about Bloodborne if you have nothing to announce? Surely you know that fans are practically begging for a remake or remaster or anything For years now?

It’s true, though — Sony (not PlayStation) just tweeted about Bloodborne. The company’s official account puts out a similar tweet every week or so, asking fans to identify a specific PlayStation game. And as you’d expect, this particular instance resulted in instant social media chaos. The replies are already full of people who think this is some sort of tease, while others have reacted just as badly as you’d imagine.

Sony Bloodborne tweets

Funnily enough, this is probably the most attention Sony has given Bloodborne in years. We’ve heard rumors about the beloved PS4 action RPG for what feels like an age. This tweet is either incredibly tone deaf, or a social media manager is laughing. Honestly, fair play if it’s the latter.

If anything, it only reinforces the fact that a bloodborn… something is in high demand. We still think it’s mind-boggling that Sony has yet to capitalize on PS4 exclusives, especially when it’s more than happy to re-release, or even completely remake, other last-gen titles on PS5. appears to be


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