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Sony puts customer service priority behind the new PS Stars program



Sony’s new rewards program PlayStation Stars Launched overnight in Asian regions and Japan, and Users are voicing their concerns Around a benefit associated with the highest rank in the scheme. If you reach level four, which requires you to purchase four full-price games and unlock 128 rare trophies, you’ll be given priority if you need to contact PlayStation Support.

This benefit essentially leaves you with a queue for lower tiers or those who haven’t signed up for the service. However, Japanese players argue that quality customer support should not be placed behind the rewards program; Instead it should be available to all. Sony’s customer support isn’t particularly great at the best of times, so the benefit hasn’t gone down much with PS5, PS4 owners who are unlikely to reach level four in the program.

one The Twitter response argues that customer service is a priority Newcomers should be delegated because they may not know how a feature works or are clueless about how to fix something simple. Another one Just says “Customer support should be up to par”. While it’s accepted the PS5, PS4 users who achieve the highest levels in the PS Stars scheme should be given noticeable benefits, many feel that customer service should be equal for all — No matter how long you’ve owned a Sony system or how many games you’ve bought.

The PS Stars program launches in North and South America on October 5, 2022, and Europe gets it eight days later on October 13, 2022. Sony hasn’t said whether service levels will remain the same in other regions; We only know that you can convert loyalty points into it PS Store Earn wallet top-ups and digital collections.

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