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Sony Says Day One PS5, PS4 Exclusives Not Free With PS Plus Is A Strategy That’s Working



talked to Sports industry, the firm’s head of subscription Nick Maguire weighed in on the producer’s mindset: “We’re happy with our strategy. Putting games a little later in the lifecycle means we can reach more customers 12, 18, 24 months after their release. We’re seeing customers still get excited about those games and move on. For us, it’s working. Occasionally, an opportunity will arise to invest in a day and date like Awara and we’ll jump on them when they come. But for us, leaving them. [first-party] Games go to platforms out of service first, it’s working and it will continue to be our strategy moving forward.

Sony has been under pressure for a whole generation to make its games available at no extra cost with PS Plus, like its competitor, but Xbox has admitted that Game Pass cannibalized software sales and its gaming division. Disregarded profits, reporting only income instead. Additionally, recent data coming out of the United States suggests that gaming subscription growth has stalled this year, confirmed by the fact that PS Plus continued to push against the 50 million active subscriber mark. is



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