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Sony: Xbox wants us to be like Nintendo, a less dominant competitor



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Sony and Microsoft’s very public war of words continues, with Paperwork published by the UK Government Today Activision is outlining PlayStation’s stance against Blizzard’s nearly $70 billion acquisition of Xbox. In the document, the Japanese giant’s legal team responds to a point from its Redmond opponent, which suggested that Nintendo has been able to compete fine without access to the all-important Call of Duty franchise.

The Nintendo Switch has, of course, become a powerhouse platform – but it competes less with the PlayStation and Xbox, offering a portable, more family-friendly alternative. Sony’s legal team argues that this exposes Microsoft’s “true strategy”. It claims: “Microsoft wants PlayStation to become more like Nintendo, to be a less close and less effective competitor to Xbox. After the transaction, the Xbox console (Call of Duty, hello, Gears of WarDoom, Overwatch), […] And then it will be free from severe competitive pressure.


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