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Speculation claims Sony chose not to include some major PS5 games during the PS Showcase



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As Sony’s disappointing results continue PS Showcase Earlier this week, some of the rumor mongers who were hyping the event have come forward to save face. Tom Hendersonwhich duly leaked the presence of the platform holder’s remote play handheld Project Q, Livestream to tease There were “some trailers and things that I saw that weren’t at the event that I was expecting to be there, so it’s a big surprise that we only saw what we saw”. Despite claiming to have seen the trailer, Henderson said no what they were.

So, what’s going on? Well, some fans think about what’s to come Summer Game Fest With host Geoff Keighley’s strong ties to Neil Druckman and Hideo Kojima, The Last of Us Factions and Death Stranding 2 could be more exclusive content, making them possibilities. Personally, we cannot understand why Sony will give it up own The odds are in favor of an independent, but we believe we can’t completely rule out the possibility until the curtain closes on the show.

Another idea is circulating that the Japanese giant can do A second PS showcase is scheduled for later in the year. It is, of course, not impossible either: in the old days it hosted press conferences E3, gamescomAnd many other conventions, so a second livestream Not a stretch. In fact, even during the PS5’s launch year, it had two separate events to showcase the system’s upcoming software.

But all this strikes us as copium! As we know, Sony barely showed anything from its first-party studios this week, so it obviously has a lot more to announce. at some point. But its strategy is nearly impossible to predict these days: Even when you think you know what it’s going to do, like reveal key features during its first proper livestream in more than 18 months, it does the opposite. is

However, if this internal indeed have Trailers for various upcoming unannounced games have been spotted, it would be interesting to know at least their names. Perhaps we’ll get a follow-up from Henderson in time…


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